Anthera: Secrets of Shara

Midnight Attacks

Session 7

Brightspring 37
• Exarch Morcain visits Muriel, interviewing her about her progress investigating the roots of the scaphling of Tegryn. He also inquiries about Rar and Horst, and ensures Muriel will help him return Rar to Anvora.
• Ralf and Caderyn overhear a blackshod talking about being chosen by Macwin to search for Adela and bring her to camp. Horst decides to speak with Lt. Elwrit about this.
• Muriel attends dinner with Sgt. Macwin. During the conversation, Macwin tells Muriel he knows about the man she took from the dungeon, but that he has covered her tracks for her. Then, Macwin charms Muriel, forcing her to want him sexually. When she comes to her senses, Muriel leaves.

Brightspring 38
• Horst speaks with Elwrit, who confirms he did order Macwin to seek out Adela. Elwrit explains that Adela hasn’t been reporting as required, and she is to be brought in for questioning. Horst requests permission to bring Adela in, but Elwrit refuses due to Horst’s connection to Rar.
• Ralf and Horst speak about Adela, and Ralf suggests they liberate Rar in a ploy to seek her out.
• Sgt. Macwin departs the outpost with 2 blackshod and 2 lightboots.
• Horst speaks to Rar about escaping the outpost and the reality of the King’s Invitation. Rar agreed to attempt to flee when the opportunity presents itself.
• Muriel visits Rar and speaks with him, trying to convince him of the prestige in visiting the King Voranthis. He refers to her as “breeding stock,” and she departs.

Brightspring 39
• Muriel kills her sacrifice and sees a force of Draken attacking the outpost in a storm. As she sneaks back up the cliff-face she stumbles across Macwin, huddled at the base of a tree. After a fierce struggle and chase, Muriel kills Macwin, revealing that he was possessed by a demon she recognizes as Geist.
• Horst and Rar, and Caderyn and Ralf are woken by the attacking Draken and defend themselves.
• Caderyn seeks surviving blackshod in the outpost while Horst rushes toward the combat in the keep. Several blackshod defend Elwrit, who is unconscious, and one of Exarch Morcain’s Crimson Guard holds the balcony. When Rar reaches the keep, the draken focus on him and attempt to capture him.
• After the attack, 12 blackshod remain alive, most injured, and 10 draken corpses are recovered.


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