Anthera: Secrets of Shara

Return to Summerhill Outpost

Session 6

Brightspring 33
• The group, along with Therius and Adela, defeat the pursuing scaphling and pines wolves.
• Everyone travels north, camping together.

Brightspring 34
• Before dawn Therius leaves. He and Ralf have a short conversation before Therius moves towards Mt. Tregeron.

Brightspring 35
• Early in the morning, the group reaches Summerhill Outpost.
• Horst de-briefs Sgt. Elwrit and learns that Exarch Morcain has arrived with an invitation summoning Rar to an audience with the King.
• Muriel runs into Sgt Macwin who invites her to dinner, scheduled for the next night.
• Muriel breaks a young man out of the Summerhill Keep dungeons, traps him in a sea cave, and begins torturing him.

Brightspring 36
• Exarch Morcain speaks to Rar, extending the King’s invitation.
• Elwrit hold a council and plans a defense of the southern hills of Tegryn Island against the missing draken.
• Caderyn talks to several blackshod, learning that Sgt. Macwin has been out of sorts. He speaks with Macwin as well, who listens to his account of traveling the north side of the Island.
• Horst talks to Rar, explaining the implications of the King’s invitation.
Ralf talks several blackshod and sends a missive to his superiors.


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