Anthera: Secrets of Shara

The Storm

Brightspring 14, 276ce

Mac huddled under the log that once supported his lean-to. It had been cozy, moments earlier, his thatching just enough to keep the drizzle out and allow a fire. Then the storm blew in. The first gusts took away his roughly built wall and roof, leaving him only the thick log he used as a support beam. Huddled underneath the log, Mac was able to keep dry for a short minute before water began pooling around him.

“Maybe the storm will push in some bigger critters,” Mac said to himself hopefully, thinking of the crab traps he sunk earlier that day, " ’n make all this worth it."

Mac grinned at the idea. Whenever he brought in an impressive haul, his master gave him a gold piece and skipped the whippings for a whole day.

A wrenching crash woke Mac up from his daydream. For a moment, Mac thought it was a close peal of thunder. But no, it seemed to come from below him, from the beach. He squinted into the storm, looking down towards the surf. Lightning flickered and Mac gasped. He crawled out from under his log and ran down the sand. In that instant of light, he had seen a ship raked into the beach.

Mac’s mind raced with excitement. Maybe he could save someone important. Or maybe everyone was dead and he could claim a treasure no one knew about. He wouldn’t even have to tell his master about that…

Lightning flashed again. Mac froze. He was close to the surf. He could hear it despite the storm. But there was someone standing between him and the wreck.

“Are you..” Mac stammered.

Something about the figure terrified him. It was too big and it had been too still in the storm. Alert. Watching him.

He started again, louder, “are you hurt? I can help!”

Mac shuffled ahead slowly.

“Hello?” he yelled into the wind.

Lightning flashed. The thing strode towards Mac with purpose. It made eye-contact with Mac, yellow eyes peering from a flat, gray-scaled face. Mac started running back up the beach. He knew what the thing was. He knew there was nothing for him on that particular ship.

Mac died before the lightning flashed again.


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