Shara is a land of quiant, rolling hills and picturesque seasides. However, the kingdom is ruled by one of the most ruthless leaders of the Isles, Vorantherex the Crimson King.

Vorantherex keeps a large standing army, which he uses to maintain strict order within the kingdom. Soldiers in the army of Shara are extremely well paid, and anyone will be considered for its ranks as long as long they show the right disposition: violent and loyal.

Sharans are keenly aware that spies of the Crimson King are everywhere, and even minor tresspasses against the laws of the kingdom are met with harsh punishment. Most Sharans have no particular love for their king, but play the role of loyal vassals because the alternative is often imporisonment or death. Sharan propoganda has convinced most common Sharans that life outside the secluded kingdom is much worse than inside it.

Shara is an ally of the Empire, but is technically an independant kingdom. The Empire doesn’t wish to provoke a conflict with the Crimson King, which would be a costly to both sides.


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