Welcome to Shara

To get started, review the meta-game resources below, and check out the player doc. The player doc is still evolving, so make sure you update frequently if you download it.

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Our first sessions will be taking place on Tegryn Island just off the coast of Shara. The mountainous island is populated mostly by shepherds. There are two small, rural communities, as well as a Sharan military outpost. The outpost guards a lighthouse, but the lighthouse is not consistently lit. Recently, a draken longship crashed on the island. This will be the focus of our opening sessions.

The campaign will focus on a period political unrest in Shara, instigated by an onslaught of draken raiders. Usually, Shara hasn’t suffered from these attacks, but at the moment, the attacks are so fierce in neighboring lands that Shara has to deal with a steady stream of refugees. Shara doesn’t want to deal with the refugees, so the Empire is using them to leverage a greater presence within Sharan borders.

In-game Resources

Meta-game Resources and Rules

Anthera: Secrets of Shara

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