Anthera: Secrets of Shara

Hunting Party

Session 4

Brightspring 26
• After the battle, Horst is left in charge of tending to casualties
• Horst speaks with Elwrit and decides to take a small force to rid the island of the remaining draken.

Brightspring 28
• Horst, gatherers his group and departs for the NW coast of the Island.

Brightspring 29
• While on watch, Ralf sees a person being chases by two draken.
• The entire group chases the draken down and kill them in a copse of trees. The person they were chasing escapes into the night.
• Horst and Ralf track the chase back to a point where they smell smoke from a camp site.

Brightspring 30
• The group cannot find the campsite Horst and Rar detected the night before and continues north along the coast.

Brightspring 31
• At camp, Muriel sees several hunched forms ahead on the beach. They quickly retreat the way they came.

Brightspring 32
• The group sees the draken palisades around midday and begins planning.
• Ralf splits off from the party and is able to see that the draken camp is deserted.
• Caderyn finds a string of drowned goblins on the mudflats in front of the draken shipwreck during low tide.


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