Anthera: Secrets of Shara

Scaphling Ambush

Session 5

Brightspring 32
• Horst’s party leaves from the shipwreck, heading back to Summerhill Outpost. Horst plans a route cutting through the northern foothills of the Mt. Tregeron.

Brightspring 33
• Muriel sees scaphling following the group from afar as the party travels.
• At sundown, a large group of scaphling and pine wolves attack. Kingsward Therius and Adela arrive during the battle, warning that more scaphling riders are approaching.
The group follows Therius towards a defendable outcropping of rock. En route, Therius refers to Rar as “slave” and Rar lashes out, but is quickly smote down by the Kingsward.


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