Anthera: Secrets of Shara


Session 2

Brightspring 17, 276ce
Sgt. Falkenrath brings his traveling companions to Summerhill Outpost and gets them settled in.

Ralf notices Rar and gets in Horst’s good graces, offering to help with the scaphling threats.

Lightboot Adela Mardock reports a draken shipwreck on the Island. Sergeant Holcomb Macwin sends scouts to monitor the draken and to recall Lt Elwrit.

Muriel is courted by Sgt Macwin.

Lestibournes meets Adela. She passes a message along from Therius, telling Lestibournes he is expected and agrees to map instructions for him.

Lestibournes is taunted into conflict with Grath, a blackshod. The brawl escalates, three blackshod footmen and Lestibournes are killed.

Muriel and Ralf go through Lestibournes’ belongings. They discover Kingsward Therius’ note, which Ralf reads but Muriel keeps.

Brightspring 18
Sgt Macwin makes it clear to Horst that he doesn’t intend to take major action until the Lieutenant returns.

Rar meets with Sgt Macwin, expressing his interest in fighting the draken and insisting he be allowed to do so.

*The protagonists spend time sharing (some) information.


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