Tag: Royal Sharan Army


  • Lieutenant Elwrit

    Lieutentant Bredan Elwrit is a Blackshod officer in command of [[Summerhill Outpost]] on [[Tegryn Island]]. Lt. Elwrit is a powerfully-built man, with a shaved head sporting several predominant scars.

  • Adela Mardock

    Adela Mardock is a lightboot in the Royal Sharan Army. _Adela is young and wiry, with long, matted hair that she often ties in a bun. She moves quickly between places, often jogging even though it isn't necessary. She usually speaks with a nervous …

  • Sergeant Holcomb Macwin

    A Sergeant stationed at Summerhill Outpost _Sgt Macwin is a short, athletic man of selfish disposition. He keeps his hair long, curly, and oiled. He is usually well-perfumed. He usually has a smirk on his face._